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    Every photo on this web site is high resolution and can be purchased on paper, canvas, metal, etc. by simply clicking on the "Buy" button and using a credit card to check out! Prints are produced in the high quality print labs of Bay Photo and quickly shipped directly to your address. Simple as that!

    Photographs are located within several galleries spread across three major folders representing my personal favorites, daily dive trips, and featured galleries.

    The best and easist way to first peruse all the photographs within any gallery is to click on the "Slideshow" button.

    Visit The In-Store Gallery Location:

    There are five 20" x 30" MetalPrints, six 11" x 14" MetalPrints, and one 16" x 24" Acrylic Print on display and for sale at discounted pricing at the SCUBA WORKS dive shop on U.S. 1 in Jupiter, FL. These stunning prints are "ready-to-hang" and make awesome gifts!

    Please explore each "Gallery" on this web site and utilize the slide-show feature in order to see photos at full screen size. Click on the "i" in italic font beneath each selected photo for camera setting info.

    Click on "Prints & Gifts" at the bottom of this page for descriptions of all the print styles and gift items upon which any of these photographs can be printed.

    The large "APPLECORPS" watermark across the photographs in these galleries appears only to protect against photographic piracy - it will NOT appear on any prints or gift items when purchasing from this web site.

    Send me an email if you would like any photographs re-worked in order to meet the size and shape of your choosing.

    If you have any trouble ordering items on my site, please let me know! I will help you to purchase or order whichever photograph you like and any item which you would like! Just send an email to:

    Attention local restaurants and other office and/or commercial establishments: If you would like to be considered for on-site consignment of photographs, please send an email with your request to -

    No photo files are available for sale by downloading. However, magazines and other commercial publications may purchase licensed publication rights by contacting:

    All photographs are the property of Applecorps Private Scuba Training, LLC. Any piracy and/or unauthorized use of any photographs without the expressed written permission of the owner will precipitate legal action.

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