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Every photo file on this web site is high resolution and can be purchased on paper, canvas, metal, etc. by simply clicking on the "Buy" button and using a credit card to check out! Prints are produced in the professional quality print labs of Bay Photo Labs and quickly shipped directly to your address.

HDR style images can be created from any existing image upon request. Click on HDR Image to see examples.

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. Simply enter discount code "BUYNOW" when checking out and completing your purchase!

Receive a FREE Shark & Diver Portrait Visor with each order exceeding $150.00!

Post-Editing Service for digital photo files is available for photographers desiring enhancement and improvement to their own digital files by clicking on Post-Editing.

Shark & Diver Portraits
by Applecorps Photography.

Bring back priceless memories with no obligation to purchase. You and/or your group share only photographer's expenses. You and/or your group choose the charter boat. You and/or your group choose the setting and animals . . Sharks, Turtles, Goliath Groupers, Eels, Wrecks, etc. It's that simple! 

Shark diving portraits & images (as well as most other general diving portraits) are taken primarily diving with Calypso Dive Charters docked in Lake Park, FL where safety is paramount and a maximum of 6 divers is permitted on the vessel. All divers must be both EANx (Nitrox) and Advanced Diver Certified. For the safety of both the sharks and the divers, no spearguns are permitted during shark diving!

Call Richard at 561.379.7448 or send an email to to schedule and plan your portrait shoot!

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Shark & Diver Portraits

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