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Please take a moment to read about this site.

Every photo file on this web site is high resolution and can be purchased on paper, canvas, metal, etc. Backscatter is the prestigious dealer from whom most of my underwater photography equipment is purchased. Metal prints come in several sizes, shapes and creative splits & clusters.

Startiing at only $2.00, you can order paper, canvas and/or metal prints in a variety of shapes and sizes directly from this web site OR I will be happy to place your order for you. Simply send me an email with your request and I will work with you on a personalized basis PLUS applying a 15% discount to your order!

A variety of metal prints in various sizes are on display at Pottery Barn in The Gardens Mall located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

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Shark & Diver Portraits
by Applecorps Photography.

Bring back priceless memories with no obligation to purchase. Photographic Excursions are priced according to each party's desires - contact me for a quote. You and/or your group choose the setting and animals . . Sharks, Turtles, Goliath Groupers, Eels, Wrecks, etc.

Click on the Daily Dive Trip Galleries folder below to see many examples of Shark & Diver images. 

Shark diving portraits & images (as well as most other general diving portraits) are taken primarily diving with one of our local baited shark diving charters.

Call Richard at 561.379.7448 or send an email to to schedule and plan your portrait shoot!

Proud Member Of Ocean Artists Society

Specializing In Float Mounted Aluminum Prints - (Click On Photo)

She Teaches Shark Ballet

iPhone & Samsung Special Order Cell Phone Covers

  • iPhone 7 Plus Tough Hammer Envy
  • iPhone 7 Plus Tough Snooty Envy

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