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Your Nauticam housing has a magnificent coated aluminum body with amazing strength while being surprisingly light weight.  However, the exterior surface will begin to fade or dull and even become somewhat chalky following extended and repeated exposure to salt water.  While this process is purely aesthetic and does not affect the function of the housing, the appearance can be disappointing to those of us who have paid a significant amount of money to own one.

Recently, I came across a recommendation by a Nauticam rep which has proven to be highly effective with regard to maintaining the glossy black finish. Very simply, it involves the application of a lubricant product by the name of T-9.

T-9 can more fully dissolve and remove a salt water residue which might remain following even an extended fresh water soaking of the Nauticam housings. It also can dry following an application to a thin coating which serves to protect the finish during future exposes to salt water.

The way that I use T-9 is to spray a bit on either a clean, dry shop cloth or upon a paper shop towel. I then use the cloth or towel to carefully wipe the product on the exterior of the housing with the exception of the housing windows and control buttons/levers/dials. Wherever the amount of T-9 appears to have been applied too liberally, wipe the excess off to avoid it from running or spreading to areas other than the aluminum housing itself.

I think you'll find it helpful and, if applied from the time the housing is first purchased, it can keep the housing looking like new!

Good luck!

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