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Hi. I’m Richard and I’m a Shark Diving Addict :: May 1, 2017

My shark diving addiction began several years ago with both baited and non-baited diving excursions. It didn’t take long before shark diving became the primary focus of both my diving and underwater photographic activities. I was hooked! It’s easy to love shark diving and, in my experience, one of the most exciting and rewarding diving excursions available today. To dive with sharks is to observe one of the most perfected animals on the planet. Hundreds of millions of years of Darwinian evolution have made sharks the obvious choice for apex predators. Everything from their sleek body designs to their incredible means of prey detection to their injury recovery abilities speaks to what evolution has the ability to perfect.

In all the years since beginning diving with sharks, I have never been “attacked” or even threatened by a shark. (Their natural curiosity may bring them in for a close look or inspection but their interest in food does not normally include humans.) Obviously, not because they are incapable of causing severe harm but primarily because I retain a constant and healthy respect for their physical abilities and a constant awareness that they are, after all, wild animals with an element of unpredictability. A growing understanding of their behavior and the differences in behavior among different species also helps to avoid “doing something stupid” which might cause to confuse or agitate them.

Ultimately, diving with competent and experienced shark divers and shark diving operators can make all the difference in the world. Accidents tend to happen when a lack of common sense combined with inexperience place divers in vulnerable situations. In all my trips on shark diving charter boats, I have never been in the company of a “newbie” shark diver who didn’t exclaim upon returning to the boat after their very first shark diving experience “that was the coolest dive that I’ve ever done!”

The obvious result of becoming a shark diving addict is that one quickly becomes a shark protector and conservationist. It’s unavoidable. We generally want to protect and preserve our natural resources and our shark populations, which are in severe danger of over fishing/harvesting, are no exception.

Anyhow, that's the way I see it.

But more on that and other related subjects later . . . . .

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